Cage The Elephant at the Albert Hall 19/01/17



After seeing them at Leeds fest in 2016 I couldn’t wait to get an opportunity to see Cage The Elephant live again. But the long wait from August to January was certainly worth it, but before I talk about the main act of the night I have to make mention of the support acts.

Cage The Elephant brought Spring King and Declan McKenna with them on their UK tour and neither disappointed. First of all I won’t make much mention of Spring King, because if you read my last post you will certainly know what I think of them (they were as good as ever). What surprised me was the performance of Declan McKenna, who I must admit I wasn’t looking forward to seeing after I
saw them have a not so great set supporting Blossoms in Leeds back in October. But when they came on this time it was a more confident confident, more assured performance and was a massive improvement. Their opener ‘Isombard’ was one of the highlights of the night and helped set the tone for the rest of the evening.


And now to the main act themselves… Cage The Elephant were at their brilliant best and I didn’t expect anything less. As soon as Matt Shultz sprinted on the stage he was straight in to ‘Cry Baby’ and releasing that absurd amount of energy he has for the whole set, the man doesn’t need a break, I need some of whatever he’s taking!😂 In my opinion he is one of the best front-men around and at the top of his game, any aspiring front-men should take inspiration from him, just seeing him on stage electrifies a room and you can see he just has a pure love and passion for what he does.

This passion is clearly shown in songs like ‘In One Ear’ which is a big fuck you! to their critics and tells us to do whatever we want to, whether other people like it or not. Its one of those songs that can just really motivate you and keep you going and i think this makes this takes these songs to the next level especially in a live show. Overall it was one of the best live performances i’ve ever seen and i can only hope that i get even more unforgettable gigs like this for the rest of the year. Until next time Cage The Elephant.



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