vant-2VANT released their debut album ‘DUMB BLOOD’ on the 17th of February and i had very high hopes for it, i wasn’t let down! For those of you who don’t know who VANT are, they are a bad formed in London by their front man Mattie Vant in 2014. As a band they carry a strong political message with them and this is what makes them stand out. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you can only listen to them if you’re interested in politics though because most of their songs have great instrumentals which make you just want to get up and dance.


The vinyl that i got has 13 tracks on it and is one of the most visually pleasing vinyls iv’e seen, with a blood red dye mark across it ( it did arrive late though because Royal Mail hate me).The album is called ‘DUMB BLOOD’ and you can put that title in to any context you want really but i think of it as the ‘DUMB BLOOD’ being people of this generation who don’t speak up about how they feel about certain issues. One of my favourite songs on the album is ‘Put Down Your Gun’ which is a hard hitting song about gun control in America, the song uses lyrics like’we’re still shot for being black or gay’ and it certainly pulls no punches. The first song on the B-side is ‘Fly-By Alien’ which is about what an alien would think or earth if they were observing it from a distance. This song is the fastest on the album and probably the most fun one too with great vocals from Mattie and that backing track which just makes you want to throw your hands up in the air, all while keeping those intelligent lyrics with meaning behind them.

In this album we see the best songs that VANT have made in the past 3 years since they formed and they are all put together in a fast paced and outspoken record with meaning to it. Throughout the record you can clearly see the messages that VANT are trying to get across and i think it’s really important that artists speak out about what they believe in, especially in the political climate that we’re in now. There are other bands who do this like Declan McKenna and Cabbage so i think we might now see more artists speak up about what really matters.



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