Royal Blood: How Did We Get So Dark?

Royal Blood’s second album, How Did We Get So Dark?, is a rip-roaring continuation of their self-titled debut album. This album is packed full of arena fillers and brings that trademark pacey, heavy Royal Blood sound that manages to fill all the space in your head as you listen to it.


One trend you might notice when listening to Royal Blood is that they never seem to ‘overdo’ their outro’s, you could see this in the first album on tracks like ‘Figure It Out’ and ‘Out Of The Black’ where they would hold back on these outros whereas other bands might be tempted to go on a bit longer and you see this present in the second album too with ‘I Only Lie When I Love You’ which is a pacy energetic track which actually brings to mind the elements of some of Slaves’ songs like ‘Take Control’ because it has a similar drumming pattern and rhythm to it but it has that Royal Blood ‘darker’ sound to it which sets it apart from a Slaves track (Hence the album title referencing their sound). One highlight of this album is the track ‘Look Like You Know’ which is slightly slower paced, by Royal Blood standards anyway and is a good way for you to take a minute while listening to the album but it showcases more thought from Mike Kerr in terms of the lyrics on this second album. ‘Look Like You Know’ focuses on the insecurities you feel while you are in a relationship and not quite knowing for certain if you’re wanted or not.




But the pace is picked right back up again with ‘Where Are You Know’ which is a much shorter, snappier song with the typical blaring Royal Blood sound. ‘Hook,Line And Sinker’ is what i feel is the punchline of the album and is probably the track most similar to their hit ‘Figure It Out’ from the first album with a blaring guitar riff from Mike and being able to hear every single hit of the drum from Ben. There are 2 extra tracks alongside the album called ‘Cheap Affection’ and ‘Half The Chance’ with the former being the better of the two, ‘Cheap Affection’ is incredibly pacy and is all down to the drumming pattern which makes the song one of those which makes you just want to jump around and move your feet, i think it will  be a real crowd pleaser if they play it on tour.

The final song on the album is called ‘Sleep’ but the tone of the song doesn’t reflect the title because i think it emphasises the restlessness of Royal Blood and i see it as a sign of there being plenty more to come from the duo in the future. This album continues Royal Blood’s rise in to one of the best rock bands around at the moment and i can’t wait until to see where they go from here.


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