Spotlight On: Spring King!

spring-kingIts been a pretty great year 2016… well for the music industry anyway and not many had a better year than Manchester band Spring King who I’ve followed throughout the year. I was instantly hooked when I heard them playing on Radio 6, not many songs have me singing out loud with on the first listen! Later int he year i saw them perform at Leeds Fest and on their own tour in October which were two of my favourite performances of the year especially their tour show at The Wardrobe where the energy they projected on to the crowd that night would give any other band a run for their money!

The tour was off the back of the release of their debut album Tell Me If You Like To which is one of the best debut albums of the year in my opinion. My favourite songs on the album are Who Are You which is an energetic tune but i enjoy the lyrics which are about the inside struggle that people have to make themselves stand out or have a sense of identity which i find quite relatable. Another one is Rectifier where the singer Tarek Musa, who is also the drummer (rare to see in bands but he does it perfectly) has a fantastic drum solo in a powerful song which is a treat to watch live, I’ve never seen someone become so physically shattered from a gig he collapsed like he’d run a marathon!

They have also had compliments from many important people in the music industry including Elton John and Zane Lowe who chose their song City as the first one he’d play on his new radio station Beats 1! So all in all you could say they’ve had a pretty good year. There can only be better things to come from them and I can’t wait to see them support Cage The Elephant on January 19th. If you like ridiculous amounts of energy, relatable lyrics and just having a tonne of fun go see Spring King!



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